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About Shannon

I graduated from The University of North Texas in December of 2017 with a Bachelor of Art in Integrative Studies focused in business, communication studies, and journalism, and a minor in marketing. I had internships with Star Sports Tours, Culture-Hype Public Relations, Identity Media Services, Raze Media, and The Marketing Arm. After graduating I become the Office Support Associate for the Communication Studies Department at UNT where I managed their website, social media, newsletter, blog posts, and office student employees. I then became the Marketing Coordinator with AuctionCredit where I trained in Adobe and became a graphic designer. I designed the fliers for promotional advertisements in all of our markets across the U.S. I also created their social media channels, developed branding, and managed the company website.

My experience as an educator began in 2020 when I decided to go to graduate school to become a special education teacher. I grew up receiving special education services as a child and I wanted to give back and make a difference in other children's lives. I worked as an assistant teacher (paraprofessional) for two years before becoming a communications teacher the last two years. During my second year of teaching I began to miss utilizing my design skills and marketing background, and that is when I discovered educational technology. I am forever grateful for my experience as an educator, but I want to advance my career and skills and have a lifelong career in educational technology. I love that I can combine my marketing and education experience to have the best of both worlds and still make a difference in the classroom or for adult learners through technology.

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